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What is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and how can we help you?
We are a Certifying Acceptance Agent authorized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to help US residents and US non-residents (including their spouses and dependents) to apply for an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN).

- It is a number issued by the Internal Revenue Service to facilitate tax processing. It is a nine-digit number that always begins with the number 9 and has a range between 70 and 88 in the fourth and fifth digit, example 9XX-70-XXXX.

It is a number issued to individuals who are required to have a US taxpayer identification number but who is not eligible to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) from Social Security Administration (SSA). ITINs are issued regardless of immigration status because both resident and nonresident aliens may have a U.S. filing or reporting requirement under the Internal Revenue Code.

Individuals must have a filing requirement and file a valid federal income tax return to receive an ITIN, unless they meet an exception.

Who needs an ITIN number?
An individual needs an ITIN number if he/she has any of the following circumstances:
• Have income that is reported to the IRS
• You are claimed as a dependent on someone’s Federal Income Tax Return
• If you want to open a bank account/stock account
• If you want to obtain a Driving Licence from Department of Motor Vehicles
• If you have rental properties in the US

Advantages of getting an ITIN
• You can qualify for a refund for money that has been taken out of your paycheck for income taxes. This depends on your income, the amount that was withheld from your paycheck and the number of dependents you are claiming.

• Filing your taxes can help you apply for residency in the future. The IRS wants individuals to file their taxes, regardless of their immigration status, so they do not share information about people who have an ITIN with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

• Some financial institutions accept the ITIN to open bank accounts that pay interest and to apply for loans. Many people use an ITIN to establish their credit history and apply for loans to buy a car or house.

• Even if you didn’t file your taxes in the past, you may qualify for a refund for three previous years once you receive your ITIN. Call us for more details on this.

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We are an  Authorized Acceptance Agents by the US Internal Revenue Service( IRS) which allows us to notarize documents filed with the IRS when applying for an "Individual Taxpayer Identification Number"  -   ITIN
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